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Biomed Ingredients - All about Good Quality

Quality has very comprehensive meaning and is a big word for majority of the suppliers in the market but for us at Biomed Ingredients it's the core business commitment a promise and surety of your satisfaction. We always strive for unceasing quality improvement that lasts long for our manufacturing capabilities and we also keep on boosting and inspiring our clients to do so who understand and respect our philosophy of selling ingredients that are proven,by independent labs, for their quality identity, purity, potency and strength.

Since the new FDA CGMP regulations for dietary supplement manufacturers came into effect, majority of the manufacturers struggled in this field just because they never had manufactured and exported in the way BMIdoes and our foremost attention is focused on to maintain commitment to quality and wellbeing of the end users. Main emphasis of FDA cGMP regulation is all around proven quality of ingredients, the manufacturer who were able to prove that the ingredients they used in their supplements had been tested and proved for identity, purity, potency and strength, happily continued their business as usual, however, the ones who failed to prove the quality of their ingredients were served with warning notices.

It's very easy to find one particular ingredient at different prices from numerous suppliers or brokers but our main emphasis is to streamline our manufacturing process. We are committed to provide all the technical documents, stability data and clinical study data (if any done) for each ingredient we supply to our customers with whom we have put down in place confidential agreements.

Premium ingredients tested by us as per international standards to verified and validated test methods by in-house and independent accredited labs. 

State-of-the-art quality controls and quality assurance systems to meet out cGMP and ISO standards

Custom manufacturing solutions
Drum-to-hopper formulas
Customized granulations
Technical Assistance
Bulk packaging
Value-added customer service


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