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Based on application we are segregated our natural ingredients into many categories , kindly select your requirements and explore

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Herbal Extracts and Nutraceutical Ingredients

Bio-Med Ingredients is a premium scientific herbal ingredients supplier! We have consistently delivered exceptional quality products with a strict emphasis on our quality control. We Offer range of Standardized herbal extracts and Phytochemicals to be used in various dietary supplements and medicinal herbal products. You can be assured that the potency and strength of all of the ingredients gets tested by International Independent laboratories.

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Food and Beverage Ingredients

Bio-Med Ingredients uses modern technologies and knack to make making the products 'flavour intense'. Besides, our emphasis has always been to stabilize taste, aroma and colour. As such, we stretch the boundaries of technology to create modified solutions for our customers. This includes everything from efficacious herbal extracts to a broad range of flavour solutions; from a plethora of natural colours and antioxidants to specialized phytonutrients.

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Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

Bio-Med Ingredients offers innovative natural products for cosmetic applications and personal care. Incorporating botanical ingredients and functional properties, these concepts fortify the product label and cater to this magnifying trend for topical industry.We offer a full range of personal care ingredients for topical use.

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Natural Food Colors

Natural Food Colours are dyes or pigments extracted from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables and plants. Since its inception Biomed has been manufacturing natural food Colours that serve the needs of a variety of Food and Beverage Industries.

Food Companies use Natural Food Colours for different reasons but more so for giving visual appeal, Colour uniformity and consistency to all their product ranges. Natural Colours are also used to create a unique product identity by using distinctive variations of Colours.

We offer a wide range of Natural Food Colours in Powder as well as Liquid Forms which have greater stability and specific application assistance.

Spice Oleoresins

Spice is to food what soul is to body. Spice oleoresins are concentrated natural liquid flavourings that contain both volatile and non-volatile flavour components which are extremely useful and multipurpose can be used in their own form, combined with natural spices in a blend, or used as base for various seasonings.

Essential Oils

Bio-Med Ingredients represents some of the Natural cosmetic ingredients, offering a wide range of active & functional ingredients for virtually all types of skin, body and hair care products. Our portfolio includes Standardized Natural Extracts and Oils for Anti-aging, Colours, Anti-oxidant, Ant-Inflammation, Sebum Control, and much more, to help you formulate your products. We can also supply you with antimicrobial and non-toxic certified organic materials to be used in personal care and oral care products.

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